Your Treasury

Highlighted Responsibilities

What does the Treasury do?

Whether we’re getting the state’s bills paid and overseeing its funds, issuing bonds that help keep our communities strong, helping families save for college, or returning unclaimed property, customer service is at the heart of what we do. We serve every citizen in Mississippi, so our team is focused on making the Treasury more efficient and accountable to you, the taxpayers, our customers.

What are the Treasury’s main responsibilities?

  • Pay the state’s bills on time to maintain a good credit rating
  • Receive, protect, disburse, and invest the state’s funds
  • Return unclaimed property to its rightful owner
  • Distribute tax revenues to counties, cities, and other taxing districts of the state
  • Invest and account for the state’s investment funds, trust funds, and bond proceeds
  • Issue state bonds for state and local projects, helping keep communities strong
  • Administer College Savings Mississippi, which enables thousands of Mississippi families to invest in college savings plans
  • Advise state agencies on good financial practices
  • Keep taxpayers updated on the state’s finances through the semi-annual Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) report
  • Serve as Treasurer to the Mississippi Employment Security Commission
  • Serve on more than a dozen boards, including State Bond Commission, Public Employees Retirement Board, Mississippi Business Finance Corporation, Mississippi Development Bank, License Tag Commission, Tort Claims Board, Mississippi Windstorm Underwriting Association Board, Mississippi Guaranty Pool Board, Economic Development Strategic Planning Task Force, State Prison Emergency and Management Board, Private Nonprofit Institutions of Higher Learning (MEFA), the Historic Properties Trust Fund Advisory Committee, and Chairman of the College Savings Plan of Mississippi Board