Mississippi Saves

Happy Friday! It’s been a busy week at your State Treasury. I was a part of numerous meetings to discuss how to continue to protect taxpayer dollars, we matched Mississippians with thousands of dollars of unclaimed property, and I joined Governor Reeves in declaring this week Mississippi Saves Week.

Savings and financial literacy are some of my office’s core functions. Here’s how we can help:

✅College Savings Mississippi. Putting money away for your child’s education can start with as little as $25. (And remember: You don’t have to be a parent to start a college savings account. Open one for your grandchild or niece/nephew too!) Learn more here.

✅ABLE Act Support. President Trump’s tax reform package expanded opportunities to save for disability-related expenses. Learn more here.

✅Financial Literacy. Test your personal finance skills now! Learn more here.

Once you check out a link or two above, please forward this email to a friend. Together, we can get more people saving!

All the best,