McRae Announces $2 Million Now Returned to Rightful Owners of Unclaimed Property

Mississippi State Treasurer David McRae today announced $2 million has been returned to the rightful owners of unclaimed property since he took office in January. In total, the Office of the Treasury has processed and closed 1,083 unclaimed property claims.

“This is money folks are entitled to, so we’re going to be proactive about finding them and returning it,” said McRae. “We’re holding open houses in counties across the state. We’re doing our own investigative work. We’re sending out letters to those who we believe are the rightful owners. I am thrilled to have returned $2 million already, but we’re just getting started. Start your search at”

After five years of no contact, banks, credit unions, insurance companies, retail stores, and others are required to turn over any assets for which they are unable to find the rightful owner. The Treasury Department’s Unclaimed Property Division is charged with trying to locate the owners of such assets and return the money to them. You are invited to begin your search for unclaimed property on the Treasury Department’s website: