State Treasurer Returns $10 Million to Mississippi Economy

Treasurer David McRae today announced his office has found and returned $10 million in unclaimed property since he took office in January 2020. Of this, approximately $4.8 million was returned during the COVID-19 crisis, serving as a meaningful economic boost during this difficult time.
“This isn’t the state’s money; it’s just our responsibility to find its rightful owners and return the money to them,” said Treasurer McRae. “We take this role very seriously and see it as our way of helping give some economic relief during these trying times. $10 million is a lot of money to pump into Mississippi right now, and we’re just seven months into this project. We still have millions of dollars to return, so I want to personally invite every Mississippian to help us out with this economy-boosting effort. Please visit today to see if there is money in your name. If there is, claim it, and we’ll get to work returning the money to you.”
Unclaimed property is turned over to the state when banks, credit unions, and even retail stores are unable to find the rightful owner. After five years, financial institutions turn that money over to the state and the Treasury’s Unclaimed Property Division is charged with finding the owner and returning the money.
Searching for unclaimed property is easy. Just visit, enter your name in the search box, and click go.