State Treasurer: Millions of Dollars Goes Unclaimed by Mississippians

State Treasurer David McRae today released the following statement to recognize National Unclaimed Property Day:

“Since about one in 10 people have unclaimed money, your chances of ‘winning big’ are much better by searching our database than buying a lottery ticket. Still, many don’t even know to look. I am encouraging every Mississippian to visit today. If you find money in your name, claim it, and we’ll get to work verifying your return.”

Unclaimed property is money Mississippians have that’s gone unclaimed for more than 5 years. It could be an energy bill refund that went to the wrong address, a forgotten-about CD, or an inheritance they were unaware of. In 2020, the State Treasury returned more than $20 million in unclaimed money to Mississippi – the largest calendar-year amount on record. To search for unclaimed money, please visit