David McRae Calls Out Ben & Jerry’s Parent Company for Inaction on Discriminatory Boycott of Israel

Mississippi Treasurer David McRae today joined six other state financial officers in calling on Unilever, the parent company of Ben & Jerry’s, to reverse the ice cream manufacturer’s recent discriminatory boycott of Israel.

“Ben & Jerry’s decision to boycott Israel was motivated by a misdirected ‘woke’ agenda,” said Treasurer McRae. “I take the discriminatory economic attack on Israel seriously, as do my colleagues across the country. It’s critical we hold those who can act on this matter accountable.”

On July 19, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream announced it would no longer do business with Israel. Since then, a number of states have ruled that Ben & Jerry’s decision constitutes a discriminatory boycott of Israel.

“As State Treasurers, it is our duty to manage state assets in accordance with state law,” wrote the state financial officers. “Your company [Unilever] has sought to deflect responsibility for Ben & Jerry’s boycott by suggesting that you have no authority over your subsidiary’s decision in the case, yet key legal experts have recently attested to Unilever’s authority and discretion… We respectfully request a response that provides full clarification and transparency regarding Unilever’s ability to override the discriminatory boycott of Israel initiated by Ben & Jerry’s.”