Treasurer McRae Named to NASACT Executive Committee

State Treasurer David McRae was named as the newest Executive Committee member of the National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers, and Treasurers (NASACT). The committee governs the associations overall operations.

“I am proud to show that Mississippi can lead on the national level,” said McRae upon his appointment. “Over the last two years, we have implemented innovative strategies when it comes to investing, returning unclaimed money, and expanding college savings. These decisions have improved the health of our economy and the wellbeing of our citizens. It’s an honor to have that work recognized by my peers across the country.”

McRae was elected State Treasurer of Mississippi in 2020. Prior to serving as State Treasurer, he was involved in his family’s business, serving as Managing Partner of McRae Investments. He is active in civic and community organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, Friends of Children’s Hospital, and the American Heart Association. He earned his law degree from Mississippi College and is an active member of the Mississippi Bar Association.

In 1915, a group of state auditors and comptrollers came together and decided to institute an annual meeting for state governmental finance officials from around the country. Thus, NASACT’s technical network of government finance professionals was born.
Since the 1970s, NASACT has actively expanded its role as a representative of state interests in financial management by providing leadership and training to meet the increasingly complex challenges faced by state governments.