Shoot and Score a Scholarship

For many Mississippians, sports can be the motivation and the means through which they achieve their college dreams. But sports scholarships can be hard to come by, and most families can’t afford to rely on such good fortune. College Savings Mississippi, however, empowers you to plan ahead, and we’re using this weekend’s state basketball championship games to assist families in doing just that.

Once again this year, your State Treasury and our College Savings Mississippi team will be returning to the state basketball championship games to host a Savings Shootout.Students 18 and under are invited to sign up at the door of the Coliseum in Jackson.

If we draw your child’s name to participate, they’ll just need to shoot more free-throws than their competitor to take home a $500 Mississippi Affordable College Savings (MACS) scholarship. It’s a great boost to jumpstart anyone’s college savings goals!

Good luck to all of this year’s players, coaches, and communities. Congratulations on making it this far. I hope to see you at the game!