New Poll: Most Parents Want to Help Pay for College, but Many Have Yet to Start

State Treasurer David McRae today released a new poll regarding college savings in Mississippi. The survey found that while most parents (69%) want to help pay for their child’s college, the majority (58%) have yet to begin saving.

“Today, most Mississippians graduate college $30,000 in debt,” said Treasurer McRae. “Understanding this, it’s no wonder why many parents are trying to plan ahead and begin saving now. Of course, as the data shows, getting started is the hardest part. Your State Treasury, however, has plans starting at just $25. Every little bit helps, so I’m encouraging every family to visit today to learn more about how simple saving can be.”

The survey was conducted on March 10-11 with Mississippi parents. The following was among the findings:

  • 69% of parents want to save for their child’s education
  • 58% of parents have yet to begin saving for their child’s education, including 61% of parents whose children are approaching college age (i.e., in Grade 9 through 12).
College Savings Mississippi offers Mississippians two ways to save. Families can use MACS like a tax-advantaged savings account. A MACS account can be opened with as little as a $25 contribution. With MPACT, families can lock in today’s tuition rates and prepay college altogether. For more information, please visit