McRae Applauds Legislature for Championing Taxpayer Interests

Treasurer David McRae today applauded the state legislature for championing taxpayer interests during this year’s legislative session. McRae specifically highlighted their work in delivering the largest tax cut in state history and declining to pass an annual bond bill, all while increasing teacher pay above the southeastern average and creating the Mississippi Outdoor Stewardship Trust Fund.

“I want to applaud and thank the Mississippi Legislature and Governor Tate Reeves for championing taxpayer interests over the last few months,” said Treasurer McRae. “Their decision to forego an annual bond bill will keep around $300 million off the taxpayers’ credit card, while the historic tax cut will leave a half-billion dollars in the pockets of hardworking Mississippians. Actions like this help tremendously as I continue to fight to squeeze more out of every dollar spent by protecting and boosting the state’s credit rating.”

By avoiding an annual bond bill, the state will save around $3 million in interest immediately and around $9 million long term. This adds to the nearly $100 million of savings Treasurer McRae has helped secure for the state in recent debt refinancing deals.