Treasurer McRae Returns $50 Million in Unclaimed Money to Mississippi

Treasurer David McRae today announced the State Treasury has returned more than $50 million in unclaimed cash and stock to Mississippi since he took office in 2020. About one in 10 people have unclaimed money, which is free to search for and claim at

“Rarely is an elected official in the business of giving money back to citizens, but that’s not true at your State Treasury,” said McRae. “My team has been aggressive in returning unclaimed money. The way I see it: this was never the state’s money to begin with. It was always your money and you deserve access to it. Moreover, returning unclaimed money has been our way of helping stimulate the state’s economy during these difficult times.”

McRae has set two consecutive annual records when it comes to the unclaimed money returned each year. In 2021, his team made it easier than ever to claim the cash by simplifying the process and making it available online. With this new e-claims system, Mississippians can visit, locate their unclaimed money, and begin the claims process immediately from there.