Treasury, Human Services Team to Return $1.7 Million in Unclaimed Money to Mississippi Children

Jackson, MS – The State Treasury and Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS) have teamed up to return $1.7 million in unclaimed money to families with unpaid child support. The return was completed through a match of past-due child support cases with the Treasury’s database of unclaimed money.

This project is the result of SB2319, legislation sponsored by Senators Walter Michel and Nicole Boyd, which authorized the Treasurer’s Office to complete the match and distribute the funds in collaboration with MDHS.

“This new policy puts Mississippi’s kids first,” said Treasurer David McRae. “If you are behind making your child support payments, know the State Treasury will return any cash we find in your name to your kids first. It’s the right thing to do. I applaud Senators Walter Michel and Nicole Boyd for championing this effort in the legislature and thank MDHS Director Bob Anderson for working with me to return $1.7 million. Because of this good work, I am hopeful this money can be put to good use by families this holiday season.”

“This collaboration is a great example of government officials working together to the benefit of Mississippi children,” said MDHS Executive Director Bob Anderson. “We are grateful to the state legislature for granting us the authority to return unclaimed money to families with unpaid child support and to our partners in the State Treasurer’s office for working closely with us to successfully implement this new process.”

“I am glad to have worked with Treasurer McRae on this important legislation,” said Senator Walter Michel. “It is great that funds required to go to child support are being distributed for their intended purposes.”

“I am proud to work alongside Senator Michel, Treasurer McRae and Director Anderson to make sure Mississippi kids are given every opportunity possible,” said Senator Nicole Boyd. “I am thrilled these funds can finally be directed to where they truly belong.”

The State Treasury has returned more than $60 million in unclaimed money. To search for unclaimed money in your name, visit