McRae: Putting Mississippi Families First

By Treasurer David McRae

The holiday season for my family is about the simple things. It’s about family above all else. It’s focused on time together, reflecting on the past year and the things we are grateful to have achieved. In my role as State Treasurer, there are a few significant achievements in 2022 for which I am thankful.

This year the State Legislature enacted SB 2319, sponsored by Senators Walter Michel and Nicole Boyd, which authorized the Treasury to partner with the Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS) to match unclaimed property held by the state to families with unpaid child support.

This process pairs data collected by MDHS showing who owes past-due child support (and to whom those funds are owed) with the Treasury’s unclaimed money database. “This collaboration is a great example of government officials working together to the benefit of Mississippi children,” said MDHS Director Bob Anderson.

I could not agree more. If you have unclaimed money, and you owe child support, we are going to send that money to those families who are the rightful recipients. With economic challenges increasing along with inflation, Mississippi families need this support now more than ever. As a result of our efforts, over 10,000 Mississippi families will have a few extra dollars, totaling $1.7 million, this holiday season.

That’s in addition to the more than $62 million in unclaimed money returned since 2020 to individuals, small businesses, non-profits, and local governments in our state. There are millions of dollars in funds held by the Mississippi Treasury just waiting to be claimed by the rightful owners. These unclaimed funds come from accounts that are inactive or whose owners and heirs have not been located. Some accounts worth thousands of dollars have yet to be claimed.

Unclaimed money can include anything from lost savings accounts and matured savings bonds, to life insurance policies, uncashed dividend checks, utility security deposits and tax refunds. One in ten Mississippians has unclaimed money. So, there’s a great chance some may be yours or you might find friends and relatives on the list. Or maybe your church or school is on the list. Check the list today at Treasury.MS.Gov/Search.

Our team has made the process of claiming your money easier, moving to an online claims system with no need to get a notary or rely on the post office. After all, it’s not the government’s money, it’s your money; and we are eager to get these funds back to the rightful owners in our Mississippi communities.