FAQs for Holders

We hope most of your questions can be answered with the information below. If you have any additional questions, however, we are here as a resource for you.

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What property should I report to the State?

What is the look-back period for reporting?
For 2021, property from June 30, 2016 and earlier.
How long must an account be dormant before it is considered abandoned?

In Mississippi, it is five years for all checks, 15 years for traveler’s checks, and seven years for money orders.

Do I have to wait for the third year to report?

No. You may report any time your items meet the dormancy requirements.

Is there a minimum amount?

No. Businesses are required to report all unclaimed property – no matter how small.

Does Mississippi require negative reports?


What is the aggregate amount for reporting for the State of Mississippi?

We suggest an aggregate amount of $50 or less.

What are the requirements for reporting stock and securities?

Worthless and non-transferable stocks will not be accepted. Settlement & Delivery Instructions can be found on Page 8 of the General Holder Guidelines.

How do I report Bearer Bonds?

If you are reporting bearer bonds or unclaimed interest on such bonds, the complete description of the bonds must include the issue name, series, and bond number, as well as all outstanding coupon numbers. The owner should be listed as Unknown.

How do I report gift cards?
  • If there is an expiration date printed on the card, do not report or remit.
  • If there is no expiration date printed on the card and it is five years dormant, please report and remit along with the following information:
    • Card Number
    • Date of Sale
    • Dollar Amount

How do we report and remit the property to the State?

What Holder information is required on the report?
  • Federal Employer ID Number
  • Holder’s Name and Address
  • Contact Person for the Report (Phone Number and Email Address)
What type of remittance does Mississippi require?
  • ACH or Wire Transfer. Provide your company name, Federal Employer ID Number, and contact information in an email to UPReporting@treasury.ms.gov
  • Checks. Make checks payable to Office of the State Treasurer.
    • Mail to:
      Office of the State Treasurer
      Unclaimed Property Division
      P.O. Box 138
      Jackson, MS 39205
    • Hand Deliver to:
      Office of the State Treasurer
      Unclaimed Property Division
      501 North West Street, Suite 1101A
      Jackson, MS 39201
What file format must I use to report my unclaimed property?

Electronic files must be in the NAUPA format ending with the .hde extension, encrypted to secure the information.

What related responsibilities do I have as a holder?

How long must a holder retain information after remitting to the state?

Holders must retain records for a minimum of seven years after the date of the holder’s report.

What is the time frame and minimum dollar amount to send our due diligence letters?

We suggest you send your due diligence letters at least 60 days before reporting your unclaimed property funds. We also suggest you send due diligence letters for property of $50 or more.

How Does a Holder Report Safe Deposit Box Contents?

Mississippi does not accept physical property. Safe Deposit Box content meeting the dormancy box requirements must be auctioned off for cash proceeds. You may then report the cash proceeds along with a brief description of the property.