Tupelo Student Wins Tell Me Something Good Scholarship


State Treasurer David McRae today surprised a student in Tupelo with a $529 Tell Me Something Good Scholarship to recognize his service to the community during COVID-19. Fifteen-year-old Aidan Wilson has been one of All Saints’ Episcopal Church’s most reliable volunteers during the COVID-19 crisis, serving those in need nearly every day since March 16.

“When Aidan arrives at Saints’ Brew at 6:30AM, he immediately gets to work wrapping sausage biscuits, pouring coffee and milk, and assembling to-go bags. But the most important task comes at 7:00AM, when the door is opened to begin serving guests,” said Rebecca Nelson, a fellow volunteer who nominated Aidan for the scholarship. “As each person comes forward, Aidan greets him or her pleasantly and calls many guests by name. He knows who wants extra sugar for their coffee or who needs a sugar substitute. He sees all guests as individuals and treats them with dignity and respect.”

“The Tell Me Something Good Scholarship was designed to highlight the work of young people just like Aidan,” said McRae. “Aidan is reliable, kind, generous, and optimistic. He exemplifies the spirit of volunteerism and stands as an example to his peers. Thank you, Aidan, for volunteering and congratulations on the scholarship!”

Wilson will receive a $529 scholarship in the form of a Mississippi Affordable College Savings (MACS) Account, which is administered by the Mississippi State Treasury. Almost anyone can open a MACS account for a child or loved one for as little as $25. Parents, grandparents, relatives, and friends are invited to learn more at

This is the fourth “Tell Me Something Good” scholarship the State Treasury has awarded during the COVID-19 crisis.