McRae: Celebrating Disability Employment Awareness Month

Brittany CominsNewsroom

Employment offers individuals dignity, purpose, and the opportunity for upward mobility, but for many disabled Americans, employment comes with its own unique set of challenges. October is Disability Employment Awareness Month, and along with discussing the virtues of employment, my team is fighting to help those with disabilities save more of what they earn. Prior to 2014, Americans with disabilities … Read More

McRae: Why I Support the ABLE Age Adjustment Act

Brittany CominsNewsroom

Throughout August (also known as ABLE to Save Month), my team and I have hit the pavement to talk about the benefits of an ABLE Savings Account for those with disabilities and their families. Since 2014, thousands of Americans have achieved greater financial stability as a result of these tax-advantaged savings accounts. But they do have their limits. Under the … Read More

Mississippi Saves


Happy Friday! It’s been a busy week at your State Treasury. I was a part of numerous meetings to discuss how to continue to protect taxpayer dollars, we matched Mississippians with thousands of dollars of unclaimed property, and I joined Governor Reeves in declaring this week Mississippi Saves Week. Savings and financial literacy are some of my office’s core functions. … Read More