McRae: It’s never too early to save for retirement

Brittany CominsNewsroom

Have you started saving for retirement? If you are over 60 and reading this, the answer is probably yes (or at the very least, you’ve considered it). If you are over 40, the answer might be closer to maybe. But if you’re under 40, chances are your focus has been on buying a home, raising your family, and not yet … Read More

McRae: April is Financial Wellness Month

Brittany CominsNewsroom

According to a national survey only about 20 percent of adults have participated in any form of formal financial education. It’s not surprising then that less than half of working men and women demonstrated basic financial wellness skills in a different study. That’s why every April we celebrate Financial Wellness Month to increase awareness of the need for financial education, … Read More

Mississippi Saves


Happy Friday! It’s been a busy week at your State Treasury. I was a part of numerous meetings to discuss how to continue to protect taxpayer dollars, we matched Mississippians with thousands of dollars of unclaimed property, and I joined Governor Reeves in declaring this week Mississippi Saves Week. Savings and financial literacy are some of my office’s core functions. … Read More